About Us

About Starlyng

Starlyng is THE leader in municipal and commercial sky security solutions. Headquartered in Aurora, IL, Starlyng provides comprehensive sky security and counter-drone solutions for a range of industries and utilities including airports, prisons, stadiums, commercial applications, critical infrastructure and agriculture.

Starlyng + Drone Defence

Starlyng is the sole distributor for North, South & Central America of Drone Defence’s proprietary UAV security technology. This partnership began in early 2020 and features a range of short-term, permanent, hybrid & mobile solutions based on our collective clients’ needs. 

Drone Defence is a recognized industry expert at the cutting edge of the drone technology. In addition to setting the standard in counter-drone applications, the company specializes in supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with and move around our world. 

All sales outside of the Americas should be redirected to Drone Defence at www.dronedefence.co.uk