Our Approach

Unlike many of our competitors, Starlyng focuses on the real-world challenges connected to protecting the airspace above your most valuable assets.

plane wing

Municipal Sky Security, 
Including Airports
building infrastructure

Commercial Infrastructure Protection
barbed wire

Prison Security
football stadium

Stadiums, Festivals & Large Scale Event Management

How It Works

Drone Detection

When an unwanted drone approaches or enters your airspace, our early warning systems alert security immediately for prompt operational responses.

Real-Time Tracking

Our systems track drones in real time over a wide area, using 3-dimensional tracking capabilities. With our solutions, you can monitor and react to threats in real time.

Aircraft Identification

Our aircraft identification technology analyzes drone characteristics and signatures to determine whether they are friendly or threats. This is key, as some events or sites permit certain drones in their airspace.

Defeat the Device

We use physical capture technologies to disable more than 99% of drone threats, with no effect on your communication systems.