Our Tech

Our product solutions utilize our own proprietary technology, designed and built to support the demands of today’s sky security challenges.

& AeroEye®

We use multi-sensory, radio frequency-scanning technologies to detect, track and identify drones across a large area, on land or at sea. Our team works with security-cleared experts to design, implement and support the right system for your environment.

Our backwards-compatible systems can be fully integrated into existing Security Management Systems (SMS), reducing the training requirement for your staff.

Fixed Installation Sky Security

SkyFence™ is a scalable, automatic and fully integrated electronic countermeasures system that stops more than 99% of commercial drones. It prevents drones from flying into or close to a protected location by disrupting the devices’ command and navigation radio transmissions.

The system is installed along an existing perimeter fence, creating an electronic ‘wall’ that extends into the sky. An operator-controlled drone is unable to fly through this invisible barrier.

The SkyFence™ is automatically activated, and it works in any weather, day or night. The system stops more than 99% of commercial drones—with no effect on communications systems.

Sky Sentinel

This Sky Sentinel is a solar-powered, rapidly deployable drone detection and CCTV platform. The system combines cutting-edge camera surveillance technology with proprietary drone detection software to offer a robust, flexible, cost-effective security solution for events and sites.


The E1000 is specifically designed to be a portable system meant to interrupt the command, video and navigation signals included on most commercial drones. This device has the ability to intervene with drones within a ½ mile radius. It is small, compact, and lightweight making it easy to carry. Once activated, the E1000 will trigger a blockage to the drone’s GPS and video system, meaning the operator will no longer have control over the drone, forcing the drone to land safely or return to the operator.


AeroTracker is a complete solution to track, identify and log UAVs alongside other forms of aviation in their area. Using the AeroTracker interface, users can create customized geographical warning zones, which provide real-time alerts and notifications when an UAV is detected inside a designated area.

AeroTracker’s interface is compatible with web and mobile-based platforms and allows users to manage which device receives the system warnings.

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