Our product solutions are designed to address a range of specific commercial and municipal sky security needs.

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Starlyng provides drone detection and sky security for the airspace above and around prisons and municipal correctional facilities. Our solutions can be fully integrated into existing security systems and are designed to protect against banned items dropped over prison walls including money, drugs and weapons.

Prison yard
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For enterprise level businesses, drones pose unique risks, easily bypassing physical security and causing a risk to critical company data. Starlyng’s commercial suite of solutions can be fully integrated into existing security protocols, providing protection from these airborne corporate threats.

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Over the last few years, there have been significant increases in drone usage around airports, leading to passenger inconveniences like flight delays and cancellations, and in more serious scenarios, increasing the chances of mid-air collisions. Our products can be fully integrated into existing security management systems, providing more comprehensive airspace protection for modern airports.

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Drone users often target major entertainment venues, leading to delays, audience safety concerns and crowd panic, as well as potential licensing and copyright violations related to illegal filming and video capture. Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing protocols, providing the added security needed to meet the unique demands of today’s large-scale events.

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Critical infrastructure is often a tempting target for commercial organizations looking to gain valuable competitor intellectual property advantages. Starlyng provides intuitive and integrated sky security that provides notice of a drone in your airspace and assists in producing proportionate and legitimate operational responses to mitigate these threats.

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Drones are used daily on farms all over the world, allowing farmers far greater control over what does and doesn’t happen on their farms and helping to more efficiently streamline production. However, drones can also be misused at times to target farm machinery for theft or for surveillance by competing agro-businesses. Starlyng can insure the protection and security of your most valued agriculture technology investments.

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